Sugary foods Can create a Heart so sad and Full of regret

October 10, 2014
Sweet foods, like chocolate, ice cream, cakes, etc., is certainly very evocative taste, especially when the stomach is hungry. However, accustomed to consuming sugary foods, in addition to making waistlines grow, it can also make you feel sad. Why is this so?

A study in the United States showed that successful reins for consume sugary foods make heart happier.

As much as 414 respondents involved in studies located at the University of Chicago. Some of them asked to hold a taste for gourmet cuisine mengudap sweet. As a result, the level of self-control and the satisfaction of one's life is closely related to the desire to eat sugary foods.

According to Professor of marketing at the University of Minnesota, Kathleen Vohs, the person who has control of appetite is allegedly mainly wishes to have a formidable self-regulation and this could generate a feeling of happy.

"Indirectly, the ability of self-control led to the issues surrounding control problems and conflicts," he said about the research results are published in the Journal of Personality.

Further, the research says that the appetite for food and a delicacy, not for the really hungry, but rather just momentary desire and compulsion. Generally, when such desires are met, a person (especially a woman) would feel sad and culminate in regret.

With restraint to not eat sugary foods that are very broad, one would be easier to make the right choice. As for those who could not resist the temptation and fall asleep enjoying sweet foods will feel depressed due to the thoughts and feelings of guilt, which culminate in regret.

Success with typical food menu of delicious and Korea menanjakan tongue

October 10, 2014
Success with typical food menu of delicious and  Korea menanjakan tongue, SamWon House and SamWon Express comes with the latest fresh drinks menu named K-Drink.
K-Drink is a drink that combines the unique flavour of Korean beverages with the flagship and fresh raw materials are perfect to enjoy a bubble drink lovers drink.
If the culinary world lately, it diramaiakan by the presence of various kinds of drink Bubble, SamWon is present with the savory specialties accompanied by a touch different. Unlike other bubble drinks, K-Drink Tea raw material using Korea.
"K-Drink it because the concept using a Korean tea, so having a merger between korean drink with a bubble," so described Nurmala goddess, Marketing Communication SamWon House when found in the booth when the Franchise License & SamWon Expo.
Besides the bubble or pearl, there kinds of toppings such as variants of the coconut jelly, aloe vera, red bean or red bean and egg pudding. This all can be combined with a selection of drinks in some types of variants such as Milk Tea, Mellow Pop Oriental Tea Jelly, Smoothies, QQ Series Healthy, Energetic, Fresh Juice, Tea and K-Drink Special Mix.
While eating this drink, you not only feel the freshness of the drinks, along with selected topping, but also the taste of Korea in it.
For those who can't wait to sample the freshness of K-Drink can already be found at 5 outlets in Central Park, the Plaza Indonesia. Mall Puri Indah, Mal Kelapa Gading, and Mal Ciputra.
For those interested in starting a franchise-K-Drink can obtain the package Booth that booth without chairs table for Rp 159 million. While a more complete package of Island including booth with lounge table for RP 259 million. This has included a wide range of ready-made equipment such as machine cup sealer, pos cashier quinos, chiller, blender and aluminum kitchen set. More information please click

Iced Bun Tin Stalls Offer A Wide Range Of Refreshing Drinks

October 10, 2014
The heat weather in Tangerang city make our thirst  being thirsty. No wonder along the area crowded with vendors selling drinks such as ice, or juice. One place that offers a variety of refreshing beverages namely Iced Bun Tin Shop. The location of the tavern is located on the corner of the old market of Tangerang, Banten, right in front of Boen Tek Bio Temple.


Here, you will see three people who will serve the buyers. All three have different jobs. One of the always busy welcoming buyers called as Oma. While the other two serve ice menyerut ice dishes and preparing, as reported by the Compass, Thursday (25/9/2014)


This time, the Oma will explain variations in is just as he is. In kedainya, Oma always jot down the menu from the ice. Sometimes, the name of the menu that made ice seunik may appeal to buyers. For example, Putsal for Snow that is ice inside it all in white. Ice is comprised of lychee, coconuts, sago pearls, young kolang-kaling with grated ice which is already equipped with a spray of similar-colored sweetened condensed milk.


According to the Oma, the same function with syrup of sugar or sweetener. The amount of syrup provided there are 11 kinds. "Syrup recommendations usually become the favorite is vanilla, chocolate syrup, almond, coffee, durian, lychee and strawberry, are all equally tasty and fresh," says Oma.

To try an ice pack in this store, buyers simply pay ranging from $ 8,000 to $ 14,000 only. Iced Bun Tin shop open every day. Typically, the buyer of most young people, but adults as well as young children. This store is always crowded every day. No wonder the owner's income rises above the opening of the ice store

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake Recipe Chocochip

October 4, 2014
Want something cute and  liked by all members of the family? The cake on this one isthe answer you are looking for. Cakes made from Strawberry ice cream will soon bemenceriakan days and also an atmosphere of togetherness you and your family also.Come watch the recipe soon and also the tutorial here Ladies.




Strawberry ice cream 500 ml
self raising flour 300 grams
2 tbsp sugar
200 grams chocochips


How To Cook:


Preheat the oven to a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius.
Alasi baking sheet with paper anti sticking.
Put the ice cream in a bowl and stir in the other ingredients.
Stir until blended and put the dough in a baking dish.
Bake for 25 minutes until the dough is fluffy and cooked.
Refrigerate the bread and cut into wedges before serving.
Good luck.


Easy as pie right Ladies. You can make it anytime you want because it is very easy and practical. The ingredients are also highly available. Happy baking.

Spicy Onion Sambal Eggplant Recipes

October 4, 2014
The texture of the flesh of the fruit of the Eggplant is soft, spicy chili sauce mixed withwill so very mouth-watering menu. Especially enjoyed the warm, white rice withappetite can also directly add up.


Ladies, did you know that  the fruit of Eggplant this includes healthy types of food?Offered from, fruit of the Eggplant is rich in nutrients and containsvitamins B1, B6, and k. Eggplant was also a source of manganese, folate, and potassium is good. Of processing is quite easy and can be collected into a wide variety of cuisines. One of them is this spicy onion sambal eggplant.


Preparation time: 10 minutes cooking
Cooking time: 10 minutes


2 tbsp vegetable oil
3 pieces of Eggplant, cut lengthwise
2 cloves garlic minced
1 red bell pepper fruit are chopped finely
1 tbsp grated ginger
1 scallion stalk that dirajang
1 tbsp sweet soy sauce
1 tablespoon black vinegar
1/2 tsp sugar


How To Make:
1. Fry the Eggplant until cooked, set aside.
2. saute the garlic, paprika, grated ginger, and onions until wilted.
3. put Eggplant cooked into stir, stir well.
4. Add soy sauce, black vinegar and sugar, stirring until all the spices evenly.
5. serve while still warm.


You can also add cayenne pepper   to get nutty taste you want. For another alternative, you can bake the Eggplant will be used (not fried) to get a unique taste. Happycooking!

Healthy Recipes Avocado Salad

October 4, 2014
Avocado is a  great source of nutrients. However, many people avoid eating avocadosbecause they do not know how to process them. Rather than giddy try avocado saladrecipe that is super healthy these yuk Ladies. Check out the recipe as it has beenoffered by following




250 mature avocado, diced
100 grams of peppers, finely rajang
150 grams tomato, seeded, finely rajang
250 grams babycorn, boiled and cut into pieces
100 g cucumber, cut into pieces




2 tbsp honey
3/4 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp mint leaves chopped
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


How To Cook:


Mix all ingredients  in a bowl and stir until blended.
Add the dressing and stir until completely blended.
Serve immediately while still fresh.

Crispy Flour Fried Shrimp Recipe

October 4, 2014

The flour is fried shrimp snacks can also be tasty side dishes everyday. Fried shrimp flour can also be combined with some other food like fried noodles and fried rice. No need to use instant flour, because these simple ingredients can make fried shrimp flour is delicious and crunchy.


400 grams of medium-size shrimp, discard the skin and tail head, reserving

60 g cornstarch

Materials: Dyes

300 grams plain flour proteins are

600 ml ice water

1 1/2 tsp salt

How To Make:

Stir the  ingredients until Dyer no rotate.
Clean shrimp and kerat the core.
Rub shrimp with cornstarch, then dip into the Dyer.
Put shrimp into hot oil and FRY until golden yellow. Lift the drain.
Serve while warm flour fried shrimp.

Recipe Pastry Crispy and tasty Brownis

October 3, 2014

Pastry Recipes Pastry – Brownis brownis became one of a kind  cake that is favored by the people of indonesia, it tastes sweet and tasty indeed always be friends in relax. Brownis cake has many variations of the technique of making sense of a distinct difference. There are cake steamed brownis feels more wet and soft in the mouth. There was also a cake baked with brownis texture is drier but much more durable if it is consumed in quite a long time. Well, if you get bored with the two types of cake the brownis already too good, you can try the brownis cake recipe dry. Brownis cake this one offers a different taste sensation because of the shape of the pastry is crisp and delicious. So better made for snacks.

Well for those of you who want to try making your own dried brownis cake recipe, here's the recipe to share with You deresep said in the kitchen each.

100 2110 Pastries Recipe Crispy and tasty Brownis
Brownis Dried Cake Recipe

all purpose flour 300 grams
dark chocolate 250 g
150 grams margarine
chocolate powder 50 grams
eggs 3 grains
baking powder 1 teaspoon for sprinkling
Caster sugar 250 grams
peanuts roasted and coarsely mash to taste
vanilla powder to taste
salt to taste
How to make pastry brownis:


dark chocolate melt first, then set aside and let cool
dark chocolate cool slightly then mix with margarine, vanilla powder and salt to taste, then beat until fluffy and then set aside.
beat the eggs together with the sugar until it dissolves and well blended up to half expands
After a half inflate input plain flour, baking powder, chocolate powder, bit by bit so that the dough is lumpy and not to mix evenly.
input the first chocolate dough, then mix and stir-stir until evenly distributed.
entries on the baking sheet before printing already   the grease with margarine and bread coated paper and sprinkle with the roasted nuts according to taste.
Bake the brownis until half-cooked to a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, about 10 minutes, then remove and cut into pieces according to taste and chill.
Bake back the brownis already cut-cut last until cooked approximately 15 min with a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius
lift the brownis and chill again once cooked. You can also add a variation on it in order to look more beautiful and attractive prior to serve or to taste

Sago Cake Recipe Cheese Typical Lebaran

October 3, 2014

Another type of pastry often served during  Idul fitri holiday day or victory day which is sago cheese cake. From the name sago cheese it is definitely this cake made from sago and cheese are the main features of a typical flavors of savory and delicious. In addition to use as serving as widths such as hari raya cakes are also very suitable to neighbors, relatives hantaran family and relatives for mutual exchange of food ahead of the feast.

Ingredients for making this cake is also very easy to obtain around where you live both in supermarkets and traditional markets namely consisting of sago, pandanus leaf flour, margarine, powdered sugar, egg, cheese edam and coconut milk. Besides the material accessible how to membuatnyapun is very easy and we're sure you can make it at home.

Well, for those who want to try making this cheese cake following sago IniResepNya serve ingredients and how to make it;

Sago Cake ingredients Typical Cheese Underwear
sago flour 300 grams
150 garm powdered sugar
100 grams grated edam cheese
100 g margarine
50 grams of butter (butter)
50 ml thick santal
2 pieces of pandan leaves
1 egg yolk granules
After making the cake ingredients sago cheese available now is the time we prepare for the manufacturing process. Take the 300 gram flour sago and pandanus leaf 2 sheets then roasted peanuts using low heat so the pandan leaves become dry. Once dry then lifted and cooled.

Beat the margarine 100 grams and 50 grams of butter or butter until white and creamy, then add 150 grams powdered sugar while continuing to tumble and also add 1 egg yolk and the grain back whipped to be blended.

After averaging combine roasted flour with butter dough last sago gradually and stir until evenly both these materials, while constantly stirring add 50 ml thick coconut milk a little bit until the entire dough into well blended.

The dough that has been flattened last then put in plastic triangle with given the spuit star in the ends and then sprayed into a container of a baking sheet that has been sprinkled with flour and butter smeared on it.

After baking pan filled with cake and insert the mould into oven for approximately 40 minutes or until cake is cooked. Once cooked and then refrigerated and put in the jar for your guest rooms as well as for family or relatives to hantaran neighbors at home.

How easy is not the way to make a cake Typical Cheese this Lebaran Sago may be useful and good luck.

Wingko Babat Recipes

October 3, 2014

Effort in the food business, let alone peculiar to a region, is indeed easy-easily distress. The competition is very tight and hardly any gap to develop to make such manufacturers eventually was only able to survive alone without any growth.

Likewise with a typical food product Semarang city, its name is already known by wingko babat. People who travel to the capital city of Central Java it will certainly not forget to carry and try products made of sticky rice flour and coconut as the fruit of the hand.

One of the brands it is capable of surviving and thriving quite prominent Rail Cap wingko babat Pearls produced by Chandra.

From business to say 2.4 capital in perkembangnnya now omzetnya have been able to reach more than Rp 500,000 per day, it is certainly backed up with good ductility and pengelolannya.

Tenacity and perseverance are indeed became the main base for capital Chandra. He started his business from scratch in 1993, despite previous wingko babat food already known around the year 70-80s.

By building on their money USD 20,000, it tries to market by taking food wingko babat, produced the citizens around the station and then dipajangnya at roadside stalls Pandanaran Semarang.

Benefit from the results set aside 10% for business development and increased capital. No surprise if in a period of approximately 5 years, Chandra has been able to produce on their own.

Accumulated capital he used to buy the food processing machines for Rp7 million more by hiring at least five employees.

The days of effort developing and increasing his personal number of consumers who likes taste of typical products like work with quality and taste that quality is maintained.

In order to survive in the competition the most important tricks confides Chandra is should be able to give a personal touch to the manufacturing process from beginning to end, by directly getting involved early product handles falls to date finishing packing.

"I instill my employees, to keep cleanliness from before entering the oven, until the end of the Encasement and packaging." he said.

Even though the production process it using the help of modern machines, but he is still trying to make sense of the production results have wingko babat taste the same and has not changed with the touch of a traditional flavor.

From his experience of working in a factory or industry greater wingko babat, Chandra could already sense between fitting comparing with wingko babat artificial machines and where results are generated from the region-the region-made hand done traditionally.

According to him, the resulting flavor generally making traditionally by hand more snugly with the tongue of the consumer, because in terms of the composition of the mixture is more appropriate.

"With a special recipe that I've had, the sense of wingko babat my production remains more tasty and long-lasting. Dough-dough prepared traditionally and manually by hand, the composition of the material could be more fitting and generating high taste. My production is a combination of modern production but still traditional region "said Chandra.

Thanks to kehati-hatiannya in maintaining the quality of the food product quality and now he managed to expand his business.

One by one the production process is always done checking themselves by Chandra and assisted his wife strictly supervised. Even until the risetpun he also did himself.

"It's troublesome and tiring but for the sake of consumer confidence in food products, it should all be done."

In his research Chandra is always trying to figure out the desire  yang lembut and development of consumer tastes, some consumers who requested information, both in Semarang and the offer of its products outside the city then the suggestions and criticism allowed as input material including suggestions where parts that should be and need to be supplemented, reduced or maintained.

The current product line has three different types of personal taste each flavor of chocolate, durian and jackfruit.

Chandra deliberately does not sell its products in stores of which many are scattered in the city of Semarang, by reason of the distribution efficiency and novelty products, as well as a more controlled retail prices.

To support marketing, Chandra has also developed wings, not only on the market but also of Semarang, Yogyakarta, Semarang and surrounding towns Gringsing.

He has chosen the Grinsing Kendal area, he said, because it is a transit alternative areas of Semarang the transit line along the North Coast.

"While the Yogyakarta was chosen because the area is a transit point for the Southern area of Central Java, between West and East," he said.

About the promotion system, Chandra claimed to have no special strategy and rely more on word of mouth promotion. From packaging bag or besek (bamboo basket) and wrap

Best haircut Age 20 's

September 17, 2014
The AGE of the 1920s might be a decade where women experimenting and finding his own identity, no exception for the best haircut. However, don't be too much or often  experimented with hair if you don't want to regret.
Here is a collection of pieces of hair okay that even makes you want to have it up tothe age of 40s.


Softened pixie-Miley Cyrus
Hair super short pixie-like-this shows Your individuality and style.
"Michelle, Miley, Anne-short-haired, but all of them are women who are totally different. This piece allows your personality really stand out, "says Hairstylist ChrisMcMillan.


To keep the display look young and versatile, keep your hair stay long at the top witha soft edge along the back and around the ears.
"You can disguise the forehead width with bangs long." And though the pixie hair style, not for those who don't like to try, don't worry too much.


"You can change (pieces) of this for any occasion. Adjust Your forehead bangs to lookfeminine. Set to be a little messy with finger to appear chic. "


Razored lob-Julianne Hough


Lob or long bob makes anyone shine. This hair style was converted into a neat horsepigtails or mess, and looks perfect in the morning. To get the best results, shoulder length hair cut with tapered ends of the hair soft.


"The Piece will look clean, but still have a form."


Midlength layers with heavy, side-swept bangs-Kate Upton


Not all of us spend weekends posing to be a swimsuit model as Kate Upton, but that does not mean we cannot replicate the hair layers and bangs are long like a Basset Hound.


"This piece focuses on the internal and perimeter layers," said Peter Butler, a Hairdresser.


This is the perfect haircut for a person her hair tended to be straight once. Thisberponi wave hair highlight face shape. However, women with curls or waves hairelongation should be more severe.


"If cutting hair above the Chin, your hair will megar."


Long and layered-Jennifer Lawrence


A sexy layer cut is choppy and add volume to the hair.


"The key to maintaining long hair is healthy," says Hairstylist Mark Townsend who recommended eight inch trim hair every two months. No matter what your hair texture, hair cut sedada with only a light layer on the bottom. If your hair is thin, addsoft layer just below the jaw.


Long and layer-free-Mila Kunis


The absence of hair on the front layer to make the face look open, making this versatile piece is almost suitable for all face shapes. If you have a wide and soft cheeks, features nonangular, straight hair below the shoulders, these pieces can make the facelook longer and mengamuflase roundness. However, this piece is not for every hair texture. Women with very thick or curly hair should try this layer style, while their thin-haired will only make the hair look more flat.

The five Model haircuts for Summer

September 17, 2014
The TREND of long hair may have already passed. Now home to many women whochoose hair styles with short pieces with simpler reasons.


Moreover, if the summer came, naturally long hair ' at risk ' due to be battled withkegerahan. It is the reason why many women cut their hair.


Here are some short hairstyles that you can try to welcome summer reported by Elle.




Pixie Model indeed has become a trend at the moment. His style was eclectic, from the iconic styles celebrity pixie haircuts modern belongs to Jennifer Lawrence. You could try cutting hair with this model, so as not to feel the heat in all occasions.


The classic bob


Bob haircuts can also be a choice piece of hair to welcome summer. This hair stylelooks like a small child's haircut, you can mengeksplorkan a bit trendy and catchy.


On Choppy lob


This same hairstyle like bob, but rather messy and impressed even more sexy. You cantake a hair sample on choppy lob Kate Mara, with his hair to appear sexy.


Tousled baby bangs


The style of mid-length short with bangs la Lake Bell you can try for haircuts in summer. If less like its a bit messy, you could cut neatly like a pixie.


Grown out layers


Short hairstyles include the feminine, she's not cut up like a pixie. Jennifer Aniston evercut his hair for this model, and she looks much younger than his age.

During This Time, Kim Kardashian-Robin Williams Compete

August 27, 2014
The death of Robin Williams would be welcome news for all the fans of grief spread around the world. Many feel lost figure of pria renowned friendly and humorous tone.Behind it all, there is a fact that not many people know. What is it?
The answer is Kim Kardashian. Well, you're no doubt wondering what the relationship between the wife of Kanye West with The legendary actor who became famous in the90 's it isn't it? Who would have thought if during this, it turns out Robin has beencompeting with Kim?
Through an uploaded photo of Robin through her Twitter account in 2013 is gone,you're really going to see a pretty tight competition between the two. Eits, not necessarily because it is their war drums for playing the lho.
In these portraits, Robin and Kim do look wearing a floral dress that is not much different. Create a ' 90s generation, surely the film Robin entitled Mrs. DOUBTFIRE PLAYING the very inherent in heart ye not? That's where Robin plays the role of a woman complete with dandanannya from the head to toe.
Knowing there is a photo of Kim that is not much different with her, he finally upload a photo here. In his tweet he wrote, "the more I think I'm cool!"

This is what makes Robin so beloved by the fans. He always had a way to entertain andinvite everyone's laughter. In his hilarious side, will we find in the other comedians?